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Presentation slides from today's virtual meeting, and upcoming meetings

Thank you to those of you who were able to join our virtual meeting today. Please click this link for a copy of my presentation (will open a new window with a pdf file). The link to the trunk disease web application is here (will open a new window) . There was a discussion in the chatbox on Topsin-M's new federal label, which includes the paint and spray application to pruning wounds. This means that you no longer need to use the special (18c) label for the dormant application. Please click this link to download the new label for your record (will open a new window) , if you wish to use Topsin-M to protect pruning wounds. The label has been approved by the VDACS for use in Virginia. If you have vineyards in other states, please check with the local extension office. The list below shows upcoming meetings in the next few months. We will come up with dates for IPM workshops soon. Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum  Cornell and Penn State Extension are teaming up to create the Eas