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Slides from NJ "Grape Expectations" meeting

Thank you for who attended NJ's "Grape Expectations" meeting two weeks ago. (I think it is a very cool name for an Extension meeting.) Sorry for not able to post my presentation sooner. I have been out for other meetings. Click here for slides from my presentation. It will open a PDF file on Google Drive.

More slides from the 2018 VVA meeting

Here are slides from my student's presentations. The link will open a PDF file on Google Drive. Please note that many of data presented here are still preliminary and we are working on publications. 1) Wong and Nita " Evaluation of Rhizobium vitis ARK-1, A Biological Control Agent For Crown Gall of Grapevine, Using R. vitis Isolates From Virginia Vineyards " 2) Oliver and Nita " Laboratory and field fungicide testing for control of Colletotrichum species isolated from Virginia vineyards "