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Phomopsis disease management reminder

(Phomopsis leaf spot (plus a lesion of black rot), please note the shoot behind the leaf is showing some necrotic lesions which are also caused by the same pathogen) One of the diseases you need to consider this time of the year is Phomopsis cane and leaf spot.  It causes minor leaf spots, which is more obvious to our eyes, but the more important damage is caused by necrotic lesions on shoots and rachis. It also causes berry rot; however, it is not common with wine grapes because of our spray programs. Materials for black rot and downy mildew are often effective against Phomopsis. Thus, the fungicide coverage for these diseases is also working as management of Phomopsis, especially later in the spring and early summer. Some cultivars, such as Viognier and Seyval Blanc, are more susceptible to Phomopsis than the others. Phomopsis typically takes a while to establish in the vineyard. It may take 5-6 years for Phomopsis to become noticeable if you start a new vineyard. Howeve

2019 season has began

It's approximately 10% bud break on our 10 years old Chardonnay and about 25% on 5 years old Chardonnay. Hopefully, we won't get frosted!!

Presentation slides from this week's grape disease management workshops

Thank you for attending grape disease management workshops at Loudoun County Extension Office. I really enjoyed the discussions we had. I also appreciate the effort Ms. Beth Sastre puts together for organizing the meeting and translating for 4 hours!! Click here to download the pdf of the slides I used in the workshop. I fixed some errors, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck with the 2019 season!! I will update this blog as the season goes along.

Looking for things to do on Friday afternoon? Please join our grape disease management workshop!

Our next grape disease management workshops are at Loudon County Extension Office. Please RSVP with Ms. Beth Sastre (flores69 (at mark) Por favor Ășnete a nuestro taller de manejo de la enfermedad de la uva! RSVP con la Sra. Beth Sastre (flores69 (at mark) Thursday, April 04, 2019 Vineyard IPM Program (1 - 4 pm) Disease management in the Vineyard ( in Spanish/en Espanol ) Loudoun County Cooperative Extension office 750 Miller Drive, SE Suite F-3 Leesburg, VA 20175 Friday, April 05, 2019 Vineyard IPM Program (1-4 pm) Disease Management in the Vineyard ( in   English ) Loudoun County Cooperative Extension office 750 Miller Drive, SE Suite F-3 Leesburg, VA 20175

Presentation slides from PSU Grape disease and insect pest management workshop

Here are my presentation slides from PSU grape disease and insect pest management workshop. Once again, I am looking for crown gall samples from neighboring states.   Please contact me when you have some (dying) vines to spare. I will come and get it. I am planning to visit PA vineyards this summer. 1) Late season rots (Botrytis, Sour rot, and ripe rot)      - I learned some people want to have a file with a larger side size: here is a "1 slides/page" version. 2) Review of trunk/vascular diseases      - Larger (1 slide/page) version