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2013 Winter/Spring Meetings and Workshops

--> There is a link under  "Handouts, Guidelines, and other", but here are the list of upcoming meetings that will be held in the next few months.  What:   Pruning workshop in Northern Virginia When:   1 pm – 4pm, 4 February 2013 Where: AHS Jr. AREC, near Winchester VA - Details:    Join us for an informative session which will cover: pruning basics, vine balance, gathering pruning weights and guided pruning practice.  This meeting will have examples of VSP, pruning vines of different size, head training cane pruning vs. cordon training spur pruning, and training one year old vines.  Workshop will be outside rain or shine, bring a pair of pruning shears and appropriate weather gear.  Meet inside the building in the large conference room.   No fee or RSVP is required for this workshop. What: Pruning workshop in Central Virginia When:   1 pm – 4 pm, 11 February 2013 Where:   Glass House

Slides from 2013 VVA meeting

Thank you very much for attending this year's VVA meeting!  I really enjoyed the meeting.  We had a lot of disease talks this year, but I think it was a good reminder/refresher for all of us.  As I promised, here are our handouts from the meeting.  Please click the link to download them.  As with the last year, I think the VVA will post them at their website too. 1) Taylor's Virus Presentation 2) Mizuho's Phomopsis/Ripe Rot/Bitter Rot Presentation