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New AREC pages

VT is working on updating webpages and now our AREC pages has been changed. My new grape pathology page is here (Please click the link). It does not have many information as it did with the previous page, but it will. I will keep this blog because it is more convenient for me. Also, due to the change in URL, many of documents I linked last year is gone. I have restored some of important links, but if the file you are interested in is missing, please let me know.

REI for Topsin-M

Dr. Baudoin noticed that there is an error in VT's PMG on the REI for Topsin-M. If you are using Topsin-M, please read the label to confirm the Re-Entry Interval for the formulation. The REI statement for Topsin-M was somewhat confusing. In older labels, the REI was stated as 12 hours in the box of "Agricultural Use Requirements"; however, the list of individual crop stated that for grape was 7 days. The newer label of Topsin-M WSB does not state the REI in the "Agricultural Use Requirements", and now the REI for grape has been changed to 2 days . As usual, please make sure to check and follow the label.

VT's PMG is out!

2010 version of Virginia Tech's Pest Management Guide (PMG) is uploaded. There are many useful information on disease, insect, and weed management. Please take a look at it for your reference. As with the last year, I will prepare my version of application guide which focuses on fungal diseases. I'm planning to post it before the VVA winter meeting. If you are non-commercial (i.e., do not have the commercial pesticide applicator license), please refer to the home garden PMG . It shows management methods using non-restricted materials.

A Happy New Year!!

I wish you and your family a Happy New Year, and I wish this season to be a good one for everybody. Although not as much as I do during the season, I will update this blog for winter meetings and other information that I think you would be interested in. For a starter, the VVA's Winter Technical Meeting will be held in March 4-6 at Omni Charlottesville. There will be a session for grape trunk diseases that will be served as an update of the summer technical meeting of 2009. Also, I will show some results from my grape leaf roll disease survey and fungicide performance testings. I hope you can join the meeting.