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Jan-Feb 2010 Viticulture Notes

2010 January - February issue of Viticulture Notes is published. There is a section of grape pathology too. Viticulture Notes and other seasonal information is distributed from our viticulturist Dr. Tony Wolf through the email. If you have not been subscribing to Tony's email list, please let me know so that we can add your name to the list. Since out website is in the process of renovation, this issue of Viticulture Notes has not been uploaded yet. In the mean time, I uploaded here for your convenience . I just came back from a meeting in Tennessee where I was invited to give talks about grape disease management ( Tennessee Horticultural Expo ). I had a good time meeting with new people. Tennessee's wine industry is smaller than that of ours, but it's growing strong. I hope we can continue communicating each other because we share similar growing conditions, especially in the southern VA and eastern TN.