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Slides and handouts for tonight's master gardener trainee meeting

It's bit off-topic for this blog, but we have a series of presentations at a local Master Gardener class tonight. Here are slides and handouts for the meeting. The major topic is plant pathology and we cover signs and symptoms of diseases, abiotic disorders, nutrient management, plant disease management, and plant sample submission tips. Thus, some of regular audiences of this blog maybe interested in too. If you click on the link, it will open a new window for Google Drive that contains a PDF file of each presentation. Introduction to Plant Pathology, and Plant Disease Management Fundamentals (Two presentations in one)  by Mizuho Nita A table of over-the-counter fungicides and their target grape diseases Plant Abiotic Disorders  by Charlotte Oliver  Nutrient Management  by Amanda Bly  Explanation of Soil Tests (a link to VCE publication) Plant disease Clinic Sample Preparation and submission  by Charlotte Oliver  If you are attending the meeting, see you tonight!

See you all at the VVA meeting!

I have several presentations at the upcoming VVA meeting. Here are handouts for my presentations. If click the link, it will open a new window for Google Drive that contains the handouts. All files are in PDF format. 1) Fundamentals of integrated grape disease management 2) Grape pathology updates 3) Low input fungicide regimen and cultivar selection for disease management in southeast VA The last presentation is based on my recent book chapter, which is free for you to download. Please click the link here to visit the publisher's website. Unfortunately, I won't present these talks, but Tony and Charlotte (my PhD student) will present them on my behalf. I will be at each presentation to answer any questions you may have. I will also be around throughout the meeting. I am looking forward to see you during the meeting!