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IPM workshops + handout from pruining workshop

As I indicated at the VVA meeting, we are planning to have three IPM workshops this year. The dates ended up earlier than what I proposed, but with given warm weather, it may work out just fine... 5 March 2012 at Linden Vineyards 6 March 2012 at King Family Vineyards 19 March 2012 at Loudoun County Fairgrounds.  We will quickly go over the basic of IPM, and spend most of our time to go over a season to aid you build a template for your spray schedule. We also reserve a time to discuss about the sustainable viticulture workshop. If you are interested in, please RSVP with Tremain Hatch at , 540.869.2560 ext. 11, since there are limited seating availabilities. It will be a full day workshop (9:30AM-4PM), so, please bring your lunch.  Also, I prepared a handout for the pruning workshop held at AHS AREC last week.  It covers disease management consideration at pruning time.  If you are interested in, please click here to download a copy.  

Handouts from the 2012 VVA meeting

First of all, a (belated) Happy New Year!  I meant to upload some posts in January, but things were bit busy. Second, thank you for those of you who attended the 2012 VVA meeting.  It was very nice to talk to many of you at the meeting, and I am looking forward to meet you at either IPM workshops (Place and time, TBD, but we are planning to have it at multiple locations at the end of March, please check this blog and also email from Tremain), or in-season vineyard meetings. Third, I have been asked from several of you to upload a color copy of presentations from the meeting, so here you go.  This link downloads a pdf file from the beginner's workshop , and this link is for a pdf file of the talk about fungicide trials and discussions for 2012 season . (By the way, what I meant by "bee" in the presentation was "yellow jacket" as many of you have pointed out!  ;) ) Next, many of you have asked me about pruning wound protection.  As Tony described in the prec