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Meetings at Koru Farm (Sept 30th) Dinwiddie (Oct 1st) 2009

I think this will be the last meetings for the season. One is at Koru farm in Stuart, VA (Sept. 30th - TOMORROW!). Caryl and Greg Talcott has been kind enough to host and organize the meeting. If you can make it, please do. I will talk about new fungicide and other management information. The other one is at Dinwiddie, VA (Oct 1st). Although this is titled late season meeting, I will talk mainly about "early" season disease management for next season, since most of people are probably either harvested, or harvesting their grapes. The list of speakers (at Dinwiddie): Dr. Mizuho Nita, VCE Grape Pathologist from Winchester VA , Mizuho will be cover Early Season Management of Grape Diseases. Dr. Paul Semtner, VCE Entomologist form Blackstone VA , Paul will cover Early Season Insect Control Methods. Janet Spencer, VCE SE Area Vegetable Extension Agent in Suffolk VA , Janet will cover General Production Tips Mike Parrish, VCE Extension Agent, Dinw