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Slides from the 2018 VVA meeting

Thank you again for those of you attended one of my sessions. Here are links to my presentations. It will open PDF files on Google Drive. 1) Interactive grape disease management 2) Advanced topic in grape disease management: Fungicide resistance Please note that we will have more meetings coming up: 16 March 2018 Pruning workshop at Breaux Vineyards (Northern Virginia) 17 April 2018 Vineyard IPM workshop at Early Mountain Vineyards (Central Virginia) 6 June 2018 “Beginner’s” Grape Growing workshop Virginia Tech’s AHS Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Winchester VA We hope to see you there!

Change in Presidio label: grape is no longer listed.

The label of Presidio has been changed, and unfortunately, the grape was removed from the list of hosts. This means that we no longer able to purchase Presidio to control grape downy mildew. If you already have it, it is still legally OK to use it for the grape, as long as you keep the original label. (and if you do, please make sure to mix with another mode of action such as mancozeb, captan, copper, since the active ingredient for Presidio is known to have the fungicide resistance issue, and required by the label to mix.)

Disease considerations at pruning time 2018

Here's this year's handout for pruning time disease considerations  (this link opens Google Drive with this year's recommendation for trunk disease management). As I noted in this handout, the first line of defense against trunk diseases that may infect through pruning cut is a cultural control. Make sure to pick dates when you are expecting several days of dry weather. In this handout, I refer to Topsin-M as a choice of trunk disease management, especially for Botryosphaeria canker, which is very common in our area. The product has been transferred to a new company in 2017, and there are changes in the label. [Note: The US distributor is still the same (UPI), thus, I do not think it will affect where you can purchase the product.]  If you are using Topsin-M for pruning wound protection, please update your label.  You can download the new label by clicking this link  (will open Google Drive). If you are pruning, and wondering whether you can protect pruning wounds from