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2011 Fungicide Spray Guide for Bearing vines

Finally, here's the 2011 version of fungicide spray guide for VA wine grape (bearing vines) .  I hope it will help you come up with your spray schedule for 2011. Please spend a few hours before the season to think about your spray program.  It will help to: 1) have a plan of what and when to spray; 2) check inventory of your chemicals; and 3) come up with a rough budget.  I understand that you will need to change the plan based on weather conditions etc, but having a plan prior to the season will help you tremendously during the season.

Spring has come!

Wheats are green, forthysias are blooming, apples have greentips, and grapes are bleeding.  Well, I think spring is arriving in our area! Just a reminder that we have a series of grape-related meetings coming up next week.  Please click this link for more information.