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Handout from the VVA 2014 meeting #2 (Grape disease updates)

Here is a copy of grape disease updates presentation I have given at the VVA meeting.  (It will open Google Drive, if you find the images to be blurry, please download the file to you computer by clicking "print" icon.  You do not need to sign in to download.)  There are quite a bit of information to cover, so, hopefully this and handout you have in the package would be good companions.  Once again, we will have four IPM workshops throughout the state in the months of February and March.   Please join us.

Handout from the VVA meeting #1 (Begginer's workshop)

I hope you are enjoying the VVA meeting. Here is my handout from the VVA meeting , just in case if you would like to have a color copy.  I will upload my other presentation later, probably tomorrow night.  If you are looking for spray guides and workbook, you can find them under "Resources" on the left hand side of this blog. I will hang around until Saturday.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to me.

Luna Tranquility supplemental label for wine grape

There is a supplemental label for the use of Luna Tranquility with wine grape (you can click this link to download.  It will open Google Doc, but you can download via clicking print icon on Google Drive) .  Luna Tranquility is a sister fungicide to Luna Experience.  It has a fluopyram (FRAC group 7 = SDHI, medium risk) mixed with a pyrimethanil (FRAC group 9, the same as Scala).  As a product, it has an efficacy against powdery mildew and Botrytis . ž Application rate is 16-24 fl oz/A, and the maximum usage allowed is 54.7 fl oz/A per season; however, as usual, we recommend not to use it more than twice a season for management of fungicide resistance.  PHI is 7 days, which is shorter than that of Luna Experience (14-days).  It has a 12-h REI, but it does not have the 5-day cane work restriction as Luna Experience has.   We have tested in Winchester in 2013 season, and both Luna Experience (FRAC groups 7 + 3) and Tranquility provided excellent control against Botrytis.   My only co

Handouts from Littel Britain IPM meeting at West Chester, PA

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope we will have a nice season!  Hopefully your vineyard did not get too cold this week.  Temperature reading at our research station was about 0F... For those of you attended an IPM meeting at West Chester, PA, here are copies of my presentations.  These links will open Google Drive page.  The files were too big to upload to the server I am using. Pictures look blurry in Google Drive, but if you download the file (by clicking on the printer icon), you can open a pdf file with better pictures. Downy, Phomopsis, and Botrytis Fungicide Updates Also, please mark your calender for upcoming VA IPM workshops!  (Click the table to enlarge.)