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If you have a difficulty sleeping at night...

I recently published a book chapter with my colleague about how to optimize fungicide application .  It is free to download, so, if you are looking for some bed time reading material, it may help you sleep.  ;)  The title sounds like we are developing a practical application guide for fungicide, and that was our intention at the beginning, but we did not have a space in the chapter (and time) to explore that.   Instead, we showed several examples of how research projects can be used to help optimize fungicide application.  Hopefully we will have another opportunity soon to actually work on more practical chapter.

Handout from Beginner's workshop 2011

Thank you for those of you who attended a beginner's workshop yesterday.  It was a very good opportunity for me to talk to you.  If you are interested in, we will hold another half-day beginner's workshop at next year's VVA annual meeting which will be held at Charlottesville in February. Here's the copy of the handout from yesterday.  Please click this sentence to download it.   It is in Adobe PDF format. I remember that  I mentioned that I will post something about ripe rot; however, I have been busy.  I will do my best to post the article in a few weeks!