Thursday, March 14, 2019

2019 version of a fungicide application template

Here's a 2019 version of fungicide application template. Please read the footnote for downloading onto your computer or copy to your Google Drive to use it.

This template is designed to be used as a guide. You need to create your own plan based on your vineyard(s)!!

If you have time tomorrow afternoon, please join us for our first training session, which will be held at Horton Vineyards from 1 PM. It would be a great excuse to visit Horton to taste their award-winning wines!


  1. Is there a role for neem oil during the latter stages of the dormant period?

  2. As an oil, it may help in terms of insect pest control by disturbing eggs, but I am not sure. This would be a good question for Dr. Doug Pfeiffer!


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