Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meetings at Koru Farm (Sept 30th) Dinwiddie (Oct 1st) 2009

I think this will be the last meetings for the season.

One is at Koru farm in Stuart, VA (Sept. 30th - TOMORROW!). Caryl and Greg Talcott has been kind enough to host and organize the meeting. If you can make it, please do. I will talk about new fungicide and other management information.

The other one is at Dinwiddie, VA (Oct 1st). Although this is titled late season meeting, I will talk mainly about "early" season disease management for next season, since most of people are probably either harvested, or harvesting their grapes.

The list of speakers (at Dinwiddie):

Dr. Mizuho Nita, VCE Grape Pathologist from Winchester VA, Mizuho will be cover Early Season Management of Grape Diseases.

Dr. Paul Semtner, VCE Entomologist form Blackstone VA, Paul will cover Early Season Insect Control Methods.

Janet Spencer, VCE SE Area Vegetable Extension Agent in Suffolk VA, Janet will cover General Production Tips

Mike Parrish, VCE Extension Agent, Dinwiddie VA, Mike will cover some Pruning Tips for Winter Pruning and Training.

This program will cover information for Both Backyard and Commercial Production.

Directions from Blackstone will be to fallow 460E about 18 miles to Courthouse Rd. Turn Right on Courthouse Rd. and go about ½ mile to Davis Road and turn right. The Coburn’s will be about a ½ on the Right. The Coburns grow 10 different verities of grapes and sells them to Wine Making Hobbyist.

Address is: 15222 Davis Road, Church Road VA,23833

Note: I tried to upload my notes, but VT's server is having an issue. I will do it next week.