Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 version of home garden fungicide list

Finally, I had a time to update a list of fungicides for home garden grape production.  This updated list contains name of fungicide products that you can purchase from home garden centers or online stores.  (By the way, I am surprised that you can purchase fungicides from Amazon...)  It also contains a table of efficacy against common grape diseases.

I have noticed that there are so many variations of the products, so, I listed only a few.  The other thing I noticed was that in many cases, the companies pre-mix other pesticides, such as an insecticide that you may not need.  Please make sure to read the label carefully.  Your label should have grape listed as a target host, if not, there may a reason behind it.

Note: The list has been updated once again on 6/26/12


  1. What would be the reason behind it?

  2. Hi Elisa,

    Certain materials (or combination of them) can have toxic effects to grapevines.


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