Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chance of rain during this weekend.

There is a chance of rain this afternoon (50%).  More importantly, there is a heat advisory issued throughout northern VA.  Dulles airport recorded historical high (99F) yesterday.  Please be careful if you are working outside. 

We only received less than one hour of rain during early part of the week.  It was a little sprinkles here and there and not a disease event.  (I was so disappointed that I forgot to post on here.)


  1. Mr. Nita....are we getting past the point where we need to worry about spraying for the season? Thanks.

  2. Hi Rory,
    Well it will be yes and no. Yes, the major risk for berry infection has passed. But you need to keep your foliage reasonably clean so that these leaves will help accumulate carbohydrate to the trunks. You can relax a bit on spray schedule, but please keep eye on the younger leaves on the top of your canopy. If these leaves are showing a lot of downy or powdery, you may need to think about protecting older leaves. You can spray copper materials (assuming your vines are not sensitive) to provide a reasonable control against both downy and powdery mildews.


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