Friday, April 3, 2020

Working at home? Please join our online workshop: 4/10 (Friday) from 3 PM.

Grape Pathology lab will hold an online workshop on, which is a new online
database to help you track, manage, plan, record, and report your pesticide usage. You may remember my presentation at the VVA meeting in February.  It will be a 20-min presentation followed with a 40-min Q and A. We will help you set up an account, enter your vineyards and blocks information in the system, and go through basic functions to kick start the season.

It will be on next Friday (4/10) from 3 PM. Please use the URL below to register by 4/8 so that we can send you a Zoom link for the meeting.

In addition, if you find your vineyard management in a bind related to the pandemic, please keep
records- a paper trail- of the details. This may be helpful if there is assistance available after the

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