Wednesday, March 18, 2020 Guest Account and upcoming grape disease management workshop

As I presented at the VVA meeting in February, our team has been working on an online disease management aid called The main functions of the system are to help you keep track of your fungicide (and other pesticides) inventory, planning, usage, record-keeping, and reporting.

We are in the last stage of the developmental phase, and are welcoming users to test it out. There are some details to be polished, but most of the functions are available. I have been using it in the past two seasons, and I am surprised how it made my spray preparation and record-keeping easier.

If you wish to participate, please go to and request a new account. It is free for now. If you just want to see how it works, we created a guest account.

Username: guestvineyard
Password: VitisGu3st

If you find some errors or have some comments or suggestions, please let me know.

With all the restrictions on the gathering of people, I think it is a very good time for you to think about this year's spray plan. ;)

Speaking of which, I will have a hands-on workshop on the 24th starting at 1PM. We will use Zoom application (, which you can connect via a computer or smartphone. In order for us to organize the event, please register using the form below:

Registration form for grape disease management workshop on 3/24/2020
(Note, there is an error in my part to restrict the entry earlier. I fixed the issue, and the form should be open to everybody.)

Once you register, we will send an invitation to the meeting, a day or two before the meeting. Please click on the link in the invitation before the meeting. It may ask you to install Zoom application on your computer or smartphone or tablet.

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